Hi! Our names are Russ and Vicky, and we are the folx who make the remedies here at Grandmother’s Medicine. Russ and I moved to this 160 acre property over three years ago, when we took a bold leap into the great unknown of off-grid living. Prior to that, we were both born and raised in North County San Diego, complete with freeways, shopping malls, and fast food a plenty. Shortly after we met, we learned that we both had dreams of living off the grid, growing food and herbs, and being as close to nature as possible. It took some time, planning, and magic, but we steadily carved the path to our current life.


We both believe in the wisdom and power of the earth and its many herbs and various delights. Most of the herbs used in our remedies are grown by us. If they aren’t, we either wild harvest them around Mendocino county, or we buy them from our farmer friends. It’s incredibly inspiring to know so many folks living close to the land, and we are humbled to partner with them.



We are in gratitude to so many – to our parents for supporting our wild move 600 miles away from our childhood homes, our siblings for their never-ending support, our radical community for the fun and inspiring days together, and of course our kitten, Puddin’ for the cuddles and cute meows.


Russ and I both feel that we are nothing with out a deep relationship with our non-human friends. To that end, we thank the trees, mushrooms, lichen, reptiles, amphibians, shrubs, animals, birds, soil, microbes, insects, and anyone I may have missed. We are in awe of the intelligence of nature, and hope that our devotion to the earth shines through in everything we make.

We are, of course, grateful to YOU, for supporting us in living this way. Thank you, from the depths of our being.