Ready to try something TOTALLY new for your Herbalism practice? In the Astro-Herbalism Mini-Course, you’ll learn the specific connections between plants and planets so you can become a truly holistic practitioner of herbalism by using the wholeness of plants and their connection to the wholeness of the cosmos. How cool is THAT?
In this course, you’ll dive into the unique world of Medical Astrology.
  • Explore the spiritual properties of plants by learning their correspondence to the planets
  • Create customized herbal formulas based upon your specific astrological signature for better results & deeper healing
  • Amplify the potency of the herbal medicines you take & make by using astrology with your practice of herbalism


Does this sound as fascinating to you as it does to me?



I am completely honored to be an affiliate for The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. What does that mean? Well, if you click on any of the links above to sign up for the Astro-Herbalism Mini-Course or the newsletter, you still won’t pay a dollar for it! If you decide to sign up for any of their paid courses in the future, I will get a % for referring you. This plant lady thanks ya for the extra support!