It’s hard for us to write just a short paragraph about KiOhmA, the Farmer and Herbalist behind Anarchy Herbals. We love her and her herbs so much! We met kiOhma during our 9-month Yerba Woman Herbal Apprenticeship with Donna d’Terra in 2015. kiOhmA was our Creatrix Extraordinaire; she taught us how to dye with herbs, make brooms from spent stalks, and even make rosaries from rose petals!

Soon after meeting her, we found out that KiOhmA has a budding herb farm in the Sacramento Valley. We took a visit to her home/farm and fell in love with her approach to growing herbs.

KiOhmA has a firm belief that herbalism is the medicine of the people (and should stay that way), and that much can be learned over a cup of tea and a walk in the garden. She offers walks through her herb gardens where you can harvest your own bouquets of whatever is in season to take home and create your own magical, healing brews with. You can purchase potted plants and take home whatever you need to start your own medicinal paradise.

We are honored to make herbal creations using the herbs grown by Anarchy Herbals: Of the People, By the People, For the People!