This class is full and underway. Please visit to learn about future offerings.

This is a hand’s-on course of study for those who want to be skillful as herbal medicine growers and medicine makers. We will focus on growing, harvesting, and medicine making with herbs locally cultivated or plants sustainably harvested in the wild.


Hand’s-on Activities and Discussions include:


  • how to choose herbs for your garden and your needs

  • creating and maintaining healthy soil and the soil web of life

  • propagation (seeds, cuttings, layering, divisions)

  • companion planting and biodiversity

  • beneficial insects and integrated pest management

  • seed saving

  • local, sustainable, regenerative herbalism


  • teas and decoctions

  • infused oils and salves

  • simplers and standard tinctures

  • flower essences

  • syrups

  • acetates (vinegar-based remedies) and oxymels

  • solvents: how to use and choose them

  • how chemical constituents in plants affect medicine making

  • storing finished remedies to maintain potency



when and how to harvest herbs

  • garbling, drying, and storing

  • “Honorable Harvest” in the wild



  • a basic overview of the herbs used to make medicine will be covered with handouts and homeplay assignments.



  • in the garden and on the land


Donna d’Terra is a lifelong student of the plants. She is the Founder and Director of Motherland Botanical Sanctuary and Herb School where she has taught and sponsored classes for the past 35 years. Her focus is on local, sustainable, regenerative herbalism.

Vicky Salcido-Cobbe is a Caretaker at Motherland, as well as the Founder of a small-scale herbal apothecary called Grandmother’s Medicine. She teaches, gardens, and writes with the hopes that a resurgence of local and regenerative Folk Herbalism and a love for gardening will unite and empower people into a life in partnership with nature.

  • DATES: April 14, May 12, June 16, July 14, August 11
  • LOCATION: Motherland Herb School and Botanical Sanctuary // ~10 miles out of Willits, CA
  • COST: $425 + one time $50 Materials Fee
  • Space is limited and this class is expected to fill quickly. Anybody over the age of 18 is welcome to join. Carpooling to the class site is required.