Gather with us as we uncover basic primitive wisdom for tending to yourself using herbs! Learn basic plant identification tips, what to bring on camping trips, how to tend to common ailments with herbal love, and more. This wisdom will empower you, bring you confidence, create peace of mind and strengthen your relationship with the herbal elders and Mother Earth.




Every herb we grow, seed we save, and remedy we make has the potential to be rooted in Full-Circle Herbalism. This practie benefits all communities – plant, water, sky, soil, animal, and human alike. As the love and practice of Herbalism is remembered in communities worldwide, it is imperative that we move forward in deep relationship with and devotion to the Earth and its inhabitants.

Learn three basic tenants of Regenerative Herbalism:

– Growing Herbs: the basics of seed saving, propagation, and harvesting for regenerative growth

– Building a Community Apothecary: community-based remedy making and sharing

– Herbalism as Social Justice: learn how Regenerative Herbalism practices create resilient communities

All are welcome, no prior experience with herbs or gardening necessary.

Photo by Spirit Weavers Gathering


The Roots Tent is a community space created to foster connection with the natural world around and within us. This year, we are thrilled to offer daily plant walks in collaboration with fellow plant folk of the Wellness Den. Throughout the gathering, you are invited to relax in our sanctuary resource library full of books on seeds, herbs, soil, ecology, mushrooms, and so much more.


Photo by Spirit Weavers Gathering

With the prayer of increasing biodiversity and encouraging everyone to cultivate a garden, ALL are invited to join us for our 4th annual Seed Swap. Bring seeds of all kinds to share and collect a diverse range for your garden. You are not required to bring seeds to join the swap, and this exchange is completely free! At the tent we will offer a sacred chest full of enriched compost, which you can gather to offer the plants of the land.

Photo by Spirit Weavers Gathering


Come make seed balls full of native wildflowers as a gift for the land. Visit us to see our schedule and remember, Resistance is Fertile! With green blessings and dirt-covered fingernails, Vicky and Laura.



Gardener, Teacher, and professional belly laugher, Vicky Salcido-Cobbe feels most at home with the plants. After years of chronic illness and self-destructive habits, Vicky’s life changed in an instant when a clinician offered her a bottle of herbal extract as medicine. Since then, she has been amazed time and again by the effectiveness and power of nature’s many medicines for both the human microbiome and earth biome.

Motivated by the ever-quickening loss of our intricate web of life, Vicky is a passionate voice for local, full-circle regenerative herbalism in the name of earth renewal. She holds workshops and events with the hope that a resurgence of Folk Herbalism will unite, empower, and enliven people the world over.

When she’s not writing, gardening, or teaching, she is the creating remedies for Grandmother’s Medicine – a small scale herbal apothecary that uses herbs grown or wild-harvested by her hands or by small farmers local to her. She is a caretaker for breathtaking land full of a variety of wild, untouched ecosystems called Motherland in Mendocino County, CA.

Vicky is honored to carry on the teachings of her teacher, mentor, and friend, Donna d’Terra.