I am beyond excited to share three classes at The Good Medicine Confluence! I have long been inspired by the organizers of this event, Wolf and Kiva, for the way they show up in true support of Herbalism as the people’s medicine. This event is truly an event for ALL – come as you are, in your fullest authentic self.
Boogie, be wild, learn and share! Get to know this event, meet the teachers attending, and read all of the DIVERSE and AMAZING classes being offered! Oh, and don’t forget to stick around for the Plants and Faeries Masquerade Ball


Photo by Cristina Rivera

BIO-REGIONAL HERBALISM AS RADICAL RESISTANCE: Creating Solutions Inspired by Our Local Biospheres

The unique diversity inherent within each Ecosystem is a grand teacher, a gift, and a key to the door of perspective-shifting breakthroughs. Localizing the mind can bring a renewed sense of belonging and hope.Through this lens, Plant Folx are able to create solutions for needs within their own bio-region: Unique, Informed, and Empowered.

We will begin by discussing how localized, community-based herbalism can act as a vehicle for social, economic, environmental, and personal shift and revolution. This localized approach can empower Herbalists to help limit or greatly reduce their community’s participation in fossil fuel destruction, slave labor, and dependency on big pharma, while providing opportunities for often marginalized communities and relieving local dis-ease. We will then break into groups by our personal home ecosystem (cities included!), imbibe essences created with plants of these ecosystems, and embody the brilliance of our local Flora and Fauna while workshopping creative solutions for our community’s needs. There will be a set of questions/inquires to ponder within the group, and opportunities to unpack a specific question you are holding in your heart. The overall intention of this class is to provide skills to create a biome-framed connection, which allows folx to think like the Flora and Fauna in their bio-region. The invitations is to connect deeply with your home biosphere, embodying the non-human community to inspire creative solutions to personal, social, and environmental challenges. Folklore and examples of resilient Bioregional Herbalism provided. You are encouraged to bring your stories of this theme to share.

MEDICINE CARRIERS: The Basics of a Thriving Herb Garden

The Garden is calling you! Join us as we cover the very basics of maintaining a Herb Garden that thrives. We’ll cover a basic understanding of compost and soil, seed-saving tips and techniques, a (hopefully) succinct discussion on the miracle of Mycellium, working with insects and other critters, tips for propagation and harvesting for regenerative growth, and whatever else time allows for. Learn how maintaining a closed-loop garden with as little external inputs as possible can bring about great wellness for yourself, the land, and your community. Learn how growing your basic wellness/medicine needs has great, GREAT potential in relieving financial strain and emotional stress. We will discuss potency based on soil-health and harvesting as well as that subtle, oh-so-important, Medicine of Place.

We will also cover a Garden Materia Medica for the care and keeping of the garden itself. Learn which plants can help stimulate root growth, break apart clay soil, accelerate compost, provide necessary minerals and nutrients for the soil and plants, and more. Included are some stories about the magical properties of some specific plants, and some things to consider when choosing where to plant them. Experience the wonder of learning the great metaphorical and practical lessons from our gardens: one of our greatest teachers! Time permitting we will have a seed exchange/seed cleaning demonstration. No previous garden knowledge is necessary, all are welcome to learn how to create thriving gardens in our communities!

ABUELITA HERBALISM: The Sacred in the Simple

The foot soaks, the onion poultice, the oregano-heavy soup. In these complex times, simple and powerful traditional remedies like these have their place in our Herbal Practices now more than ever. As access to basic healthcare becomes endangered in many communities, the ease-full, approachable, and low-cost remedies of old have the potential to enliven folx of all walks of life. Join in a celebration of the Abeulos and Abuelas (Grandfathers and Grandmothers) who walked before us. We will embody the Grandmother Oaks of old: full of wisdom, strong, loving, and a bit stern when needed

In celebration of sacred simplicity, we will create and/or experience easy, accessible, and affordable remedies for general well-being. Learn ways to incorporate herbs into your meals and other everyday rituals such as bathing, moisturizing, and sleeping. We will discuss the value in embracing “Multi-Tasking Herbs,” herbs that play many roles and are easy to grow in most climates. We will challenge ourselves to ask the question, “what would I do if this were 300 years ago?”