Includes Limited Edition box of seasonal herbal remedies + all shipping costs.

🌞 J O Y F U L . H E A R T ~ Herbal Honey Elixir with cheery and bright Lemon Balm + Roses infused in brandy, blended with local honey and a splash of Rose Geranium Hydrosol.

🌞 R E P O S E ~ Herbal Extracts of homegrown Passionflower, California Poppy, and Motherwort come together to create one of our most popular blends for setting the reset button.

🌞 S P I L A N T H E S ~ Herbal Extract, a unique and powerful herb for oral + immune health.

🌞 Y A R R O W . M I S T E R ~ small batch aromatherapy distilled with rain water in a copper still by the magical @kiohma , for clearing the space and setting boundaries, for cooling the skin, and/or to use as a facial toner.

🌞 S U N . B A L M ~ Calendula and St. Joan’s Wort capture the energy of the sun and we infused it into Sunflower Oil to create a beautiful and soothing balm for Summer skin.

🌞 S U M M E R – Booklet with brief descriptions and uses of these remedies + musings on the season.


ABOUT OUR HERBS: Every remedy we make is created using in-season, locally grown, organic herbs. We grow many of our own herbs, and support our friends + local farmers here in Mendocino, California. We strongly believe in seasonal and regenerative herbalism, so everything we create is made with the season in mind. Because we use only local, in-season herbs, we can be sure that potency + freshness + quality are all at their peak.

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