Photo by Kacie Tomita. You can find more of her work on Instagram @kacie_tomita
Photo of me teaching “The Basics of Folk Herbalism” at the Spirit Weavers Gathering by Kacie Tomita. You can find more of her work on Instagram @kacie__tomita


I met Alexa of Super Food, Super Life during my classes at this year’s 2016 Spirit Weaver’s Gathering, and we quickly connected.

I mention in my interview with Dream Freedom Beauty that I am constantly feeling the weight of the ecological impact having a business inherently has. I question if the small changes I make (like shipping with post-consumer recycled boxes + printing on Tree Free Paper) even matter.

What a foolish use of energy, ey?

Well folks, Alexa has helped me refocus my energy into creative channels – like expanding my Community Supported Herbalism program, teaching more classes, and dreaming up creative ways to bring the magic of herbalism in households everywhere.

I had a LOT of fun with this Q+A, and it gives you insight into how Grandmother’s Medicine started, what our days are like in the different seasons of the year, and what some of my favorite books are for beginners looking to give herbs and gardening a try.

“During this time, it’s easy to look around and see how much work we have to do and skills we must relearn in order to become more sustainable inhabitants of this planet. There are some individuals who are really making strides and examples of living in accordance & harmony with nature. Vicky Salcido-Cobbe is one of them. I met this woman earlier this season at the Spirit Weavers gathering when I took two of her herbal medicine classes. This woman is FULL of life, spirit, & emotion. She lives without internet, gardens most of the day, composes gorgeous books to teach others about herbalism, and spends time making her community supported herbalism boxes, amongst many other lovely handmade products. They are next level people! Vicky is setting the bar high and I am so honored to share her interview with you today. She is my hero.”

Thanks Alexa! You are my hero too.


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Hedge-witch, passionate gardener, advocate for the wild, and professional belly laugher, I strives to live my life with purpose and joy. After years of chronic illness and self-destructive habits, my life changed in an instant when a clinician offered me a bottle of herbal extract as medicine in 2009. Since then, I’ve been amazed time and again by the effectiveness and power of nature’s medicine. Motivated by the ever-quickening loss of our intricate web of life, I am often a passionate (and sometimes frank) voice for local, regenerative herbalism in the name of earth renewal. I strongly believe that a village herbalist belongs in every community and am happy to support this dream’s birth in to reality.

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